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17-09-2017, 14:53
Hello there
I have server cs 1.6 And fastDL
Yesterday i added in 28.40 in Account balance for pay servers and whene i want send you in SUPPORT cant idk what problem
today i recaived that email


Pozdrav Khaled

Tvoj server je suspendovan jer nije placen 5 ili vise dana od
dana isteka.

Ukoliko ne zelis vise da placas ovaj server ignorisi ovaj mail.

Ukoliko si platio server a nisi poslao sliku uplatnice i prijavio uplatu,
pogresio si jer u tom slucaju server se vodi kao neplacen pa posalji sliku
uplatnice na tiket i osoblje ce ti pustiti server.

Ukoliko si platio i poslao sliku uplatnice onda je doslo do greske pa napisi
tiket gde ces ostaviti sliku uplatnice ponovo i osoblje ce ti pustiti

Hvala na saradnji :)

KGB Hosting


Hello Khaled

Your server has been suspended because it has expired 5 ago and you did not pay it .

If you do not want to pay this server any more just ignore this email.

If you did pay on bank account for server and you did not send picture of payment then you made a mistake.
You need to go to Game Panel, Billing, Add payment, choose your payment method and fill in wanted data.
If you payed with card or paypal you need to open support ticket and tell us to extend server and use money on balance.

Thanks for your trust ;)

KGB Hosting"

how can contact owner fast here i dont want lose rank :(

servers ip
32 slot:
FastDL :
server name Ledaers Gaming |Zombie-Escape| [ Free VIP ]

Sryy for bad eng :)

Waiting ...

Thank you, best regards.

18-09-2017, 21:07
Contact support via ticket in game panel, they do not visit this forum often.