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24-05-2016, 22:47
Posto me mrzi da prevodim kilometarski tekst u potpunosti cu ga c/p ovde

-Naime ovaj program moze da pravi skinove kakve god pozelite tako da ko se voli igrati neka raspali :)

ORGINALNI LINK (http://cswarzone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1931#post11514)

View milestones:
[X] 2,500
[X] 5,000
[ ] 7,500
[ ] 10,000

What you will need:
1. CS GO WarZone
2. RevEmu Inventory Creator v5.1.2.0 (download here (http://bit.ly/InvTool5120))
- Tool Creator's Profile: Here (http://bit.ly/Alamer99).
- Report Bugs/Suggest Features: Here (http://bit.ly/InvToolBugs).
- RevEmu Inv Creator Blog (check for updates and changelog yourself): Here (http://bit.ly/InvToolBlog).
- Latest Changelog: Here (http://bit.ly/Changelog5120).
- Link/Changelog will ALWAYS be updated to latest version. You can also check the blog yourself for updates.
3. 7-ZIP (optional): Here (http://bit.ly/Dload7Zip).
4. 3/4 of a brain
No hex coding needed!

NOTE: Please read the whole thread before leaving replies. There are important warnings in here about specific features. Thank you.

Custom skins on any weapons tutorial!

1. Download RevEmu Inventory Creator from the link above.
2. Once downloaded, extract it to a folder and run it.
3. Start the tool, choose your CS GO installation directory, then click on "Start".
4. Once the tool is started click on "More Stuff" tab, below and click on the following button:


5. Browse to your CS GO install folder --> 'platform' folder --> and select "items_730.bin" and click OK.
6. The program just read your inventory file and now you are ready to add custom skins.
7. Go to the "Main" tab, then, to add a weapon, change the values to whatever weapon you want. Check below the photo for a more detailed explanation.

For example, below, I have created a ★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened (FN) Blue Gem pattern using the following values:


Below is everything explained in detail:

1). Weapon - choose what weapon you wish to add the custom skin on.
2). Paint Kit - choose what skin should the weapon have. Be sure to check "ALL" to have ALL the skins from the game, not just the weapon's specific skins.
3). Quality - choose what tag the weapon should have. You want Souvenir D-Lore or any other weapon? Choose "Souvenir". You want to be hip and have a Valve Employee Only weapon? Choose "Valve" and so on.
4). Rarity - choose what color the name of the weapon should have (covert, classified, mil-spec etc.). Do not use "Rarity_Unusual"; doesn't do nothing.
5). Pattern - choose which pattern the weapon should have. Works only on Case Hardened and Fade skins. To edit, uncheck "Random" and type in a value. Below are some Blue Gem patterns for Case Hardened guns, of each type:

661 = AK-47 Blue Gem
278 & 690 = Five-SeveN Blue Gem
555 = Bayonet Blue Gem
601 = M9 Bayonet Blue Gem
387 = Karambit Blue Gem
398 or 494 = Butterfly Knife Blue Gem
670 = Flip Knife Blue Gem
567 = Gut Knife Blue Gem
494 = Falchion Knife Blue Gem
618 = Huntsman Knife Blue Gem

You can also check below the float tutorial for a pattern tutorial.

6). Float - choose what float the weapon skin should have. Check below for a full float tutorial.
7). StatTrak - choose whether or not the weapon should have StatTrak on it and specify how many kills. To make the weapon WITHOUT StatTrak, do NOT check the box near it. To have StatTrak on the weapon, check the box near it and specify how many kills. On knives, the number of kills you have also appears on the knife skin itself.
8). Name Tag - choose what name the weapon should have. Just check the box near it and specify a name.
9). Name Tag Color - specify which color the nametag should have. THIS FEATURE IS NOT STABLE. Use at your own risk.
10). Stickers - add stickers on your weapon, first dropdown chooses the place of the sticker (1st; 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th) and second dropbox which sticker to apply. The numbers below are the sticker float. If you don't want stickers on the weapon, do not do anything at the "Sticker" part.
11). Add to My Inventory - adds the gun to your inventory (list on the right).
12). Save - saves your items_730.bin file.

8. Now after you've added your weapon, you can add another one, or come back later and do the same process.

"More" tab contents and explanations:

1). Add All Stickers - Add all stickers from the game to your inventory.
2). Add All Music Kits - Add all music kits from the game to your inventory.
3). Add A Name Tag - Adds a Name Tag to your inventory so you can rename items.
4). Clear Inventory - Clears the items you added to your inventory, NOT the whole inventory. In case you add a weapon by mistake.
5). Clear CSGO Inventory Icon Cache - Clears the thumbnail cache of the game - fixes wrong thumbnails on wrong items bug.
6). Read Old Inventory - Reads old inventory to add skins to; straight-forward.
7). Add All Official Skins (FN) - Adds all the skins in the game to your inventory, making them Factory New.
Hold CTRL - Add All Official Skins (Min) - Adds all the skins in the game, making them the minimal official quality (ex. AWP Asiimov FT)
Hold SHIFT - Add All Official Skins (Max) - Adds all the skins in the game, making them the maximum official quality (ex. Karambit Fade MW)
8). Add All Collectibles - Adds all collectibles to your inventory.
Hold CTRL - Add All Collectibles (No Wildfire) - Adds all collectibles except the wildfire coin, which causes lag.
9-10-11). Sticker/Collectible/Music Kit - Choose a specific S/C/MK to add to your inventory, rather than all of them.

I'm not listing every option as it gets updated often and I hit character limit on this tut. If you don't know what something does, hover your cursor over it and a explanation will most likely pop up. Or just ask me in replies.

Weapon float tutorial!

Weapon floats are basically the wear of the exterior paint on the specified weapon.

You can make the weapon be BS, WW, FT, MW or FN using the "Float" option in the tool.

In order to change the float to whatever you want, you can either manually change the weapon's float to the one you desire, or just click the "Factory New" label to change it to something else!

Weapon pattern (paint seed) tutorial!

It is possible to get whatever pattern you want on a gun/knife if you know somebody owns that specific item you want and that their inventory is accesible.

Here is how to do it. For example, you want a Marble Fade Fire and Ice pattern, here is how:
1. Go to the Steam profile of the person that has this specific pattern on the knife/weapon you want, go to their inventory and click on the weapon.
2. Right click on "Inspect In-Game" and click "Copy Link Location" or whatever.
3. Go to this site (https://glws.org/) , and copy the URL into the text box.
4. Click on "CHECK" and then look for "PAINTSEED".
5. That is the pattern number of the weapon skin pattern you want.

Now all you have to do is create the weapon in the inventory creator, and put that pattern number in order to get the pattern you wanted.


- Character limit: 20 characters
- Color limit: only one color
- Unicode: not allowed

This is to prevent crashes. BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS FEATURE.

Extra Features:

Some extra features added by Alamer recently.

1) Launch options - check the changelog.
2) Support button - Here, you can either report an issue/bug to Alamer for him to fix if he can or just give feedback on the tool.
3) Check for Updates - Check if there are any updates for the tool.


1. Whenever you add a new item to your inventory you will have to re-equip your items.
2. If there is a new operation update available, please do update through the launcher, but your custom skins will most probably get deleted. If you update (which you will have to), you will have the new skins & knife BUT you will have to re-add your custom skins back to your .bin file.
3. If you want to come back later to add another skin, don't forget to go to "More Stuff" and always click on "Read Old Inventory"! If you don't do this, it will overwrite your existing inventory file and you will have no skins left!