View Full Version : [Plugin] Throwing Knives [Bacanje Nozeva]

26-05-2016, 08:21
-Plugin omogucava da igrac baca nozeve


-Skinite zip fajl DOWNLOAD (https://mega.nz/#!OVphSYjI!PVWAn7s8eqtyqAyvcohkYYpWXrs8RQ_yFYLnG5V Eo_8)
-Ubacite u server i promenite mapu ili rr server


- Not create throwing knive if player slash another player.
- Creates ricochet effect when knives collide to each other.
- Knives stay longer on field, max 30 sec if not collide with player or another knive.
- Throwing knive model is selected by player own knive world model what he/she carry, otherwise default model.


weapon_reticle_knife_show "1" // CSGO, enable crosshair when knive
sm_throwingknives_count "3" //Amount of knives players spawn with. 0 = Disable, -1 = infinite
sm_throwingknives_steal "1" //If enabled, knife kills get the victims remaining knives.
sm_throwingknives_velocity "2250" //Velocity (speed) adjustment.
sm_throwingknives_damage "57" //Damage adjustment.
sm_throwingknives_hsdamage "127" //Headshot damage adjustment.
sm_throwingknives_modelscale "1.0" //Knife size scale
sm_throwingknives_gravity "1.0" //Knife gravity scale
sm_throwingknives_elasticity "0.2" //Knife elasticity
sm_throwingknives_maxlifetime "1.5" //Knife max life time, 1 - 30 sec
sm_throwingknives_trails "1" //Knive leave trail effect
sm_throwingknives_admins "0" //Admins only when enabled, who have access to admin override "throwingknives", flag "o" by default