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    Looking for good CoD4 PC servers

    So, as the title suggests, I'm look for some good PC servers for CoD4. Without PB, servers seem to be hit or miss. I prefer TDM and Dom, but at this point ill take what I can get. Mostly just looking...
  2. What's happening in not russian samp?

    We are making server launchers (for better textdraws and other) and good server mods (textdraws, acquaintance system, cutscenes)
    tweakbox appvalley
  3. Massive ping spikes on South African servers

    South African servers are broken, every second game I queue my ping spikes to over 300 for the duration of the game. omegle xender I’m not the only one, in fact in the last game I played 4 people in...
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    CS 1.6 still popular?

    According to steam stats CS 1.6 is the most played game after Cs : GO in the CS series. Though its old it has more player base than CS: CZ or even CS:S with better graphics than 1.6

    I started...
  5. Interesting Files In Counter Strike Coundition Zero?

    Just a look at the files, some are interesting.

    First of all, the files are REALLY old, so some of them cant even be opened through normal means,

    One interesting file, a NAV file for a map...
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    Random Number Generator?

    I need a method to generate a random value or a value that will atleast always be different. In short i am trying to set up a bind that i press once at the start of the match, then press again at the...
  7. [Problem] This game desperately needs a proper forfeit option.

    We've all had those matches where you're 10-0 down, people are just being toxic and no one in the team really wan'ts to bother with the match and just buys deagle every round and rushes into the...
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