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    [Problem] Plugin for 10 $ ? Zombie Server

    Zombie server needs changes to start vote for new map. Specific problem didn't allow server to do rtv and other plugins can't allow it too.
    I will describe main problem if you will write me, but you...
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    [Pomoc] Msg one unreliable

    How to solve MSG ONE UNRELIABLE error?

    Plugin is needed to fix this problem

    Server does shut down when server has 20 players or when map is changing. Nothing is helping
    People say that we need...
  3. I don't know why last post goes UP in this...

    I don't know why last post goes UP in this thread, but anyway...

    NEW suggestion. KGB boost is good however... other boost create those lags because sends players from bad location. This is why it...
  4. For example, server was disabled, then enabled...

    For example, server was disabled, then enabled againt. It doesn't help. After one day server can keep 23 players without problem with ANY map. During this "attack" or "specific bug", i bought boost...
  5. Lags or attack against my server? How to fix?

    Someone please make me plugin to fight against DDOS or to find solution how to fix "ddos" from counter strike server itself

    I got several message about overflow - "outgoing message overflow"....
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    Broken boost

    KGB boost is not working. There are no contacts of administrator on this site.
    This boost is good - i ordered multiple times before this week, however i didn't succeed in receiving boost for last...
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