Tutorial - How to use WinSCP FTP Client
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    Question Tutorial - How to use WinSCP FTP Client

    About the software
    WinSCP is free open source SFTP and FTP for all windows platforms. Main function of WinSCP it is safe copying of files between local and remote PC's(in this case CS 1.6 server and hosting)
    It is very easy to use.

    Benefits of WinSCP :

    - designed to work with FTP, SFTP, Putty, OpenSSL etc.
    - free software (license isn't required)
    - stability in work
    - fast and simple
    - safe and secure
    - the ability to sync 2 folders (locali and remote PC)
    - files can be edited directly on the server (ini, txt, html, php, cfg itd)
    - in case of breaked Internet connection (on local or remote machine)
    it retrying (trying to connect) until establish a connection, and continuous download or upload
    where it left off (whether it is a file had already been partially dismantled)
    - no damaged files in mutual file transfer

    Download and Installation
    By clicking on the following link you can download WinSCP client
    Then click on "Installation Package" as shown on the image below

    Then, new page will open. Wait few seconds and download will start automaticly.
    If download doesn't start automaticly, click on "[Direct Download]" link


    When you download software, find it in folder you saved it and start installation.

    Now click on "Accept" button.

    Then, windows with two options will appear. You have to choose one of these two options.
    First option - Typical Instalation will install software in default folder,
    together with all components,but without additional languages (Only english language will be installed)
    It's also allow you basic software features.

    Second option
    - Custom Installation lets you choose where you want to install the software,
    also, what components and features you want to install.

    With regard to understand the first option that I have explained, I'll explain you second one.
    When you choose it, a new window will appear where you can select where to install software

    I believe that this is clear to everyone and we will skip that part.
    When you choose where you want to install software, click "Next" and then
    table with some options will appear to you.

    WinSCP Application - this is WinSCP software, and it is impossible to uncheck this.
    Drag & Drop Shell extension - Allows you to directly download files, you may need to restart pc.
    Pageant (SSH Authentication agent) - Allows you secure fil transfer over unsecure network
    PuTTYgen - Generate keys
    Translations - Here you can choose languages you want to install (just chekc them)

    I recommend that you leave all the options checked, just select the language you want, you don't have to check all of them.
    Then... click "Next" and then new window will appear (See image below)

    Enable automatic check for application updates - The program itself automatically checks if update is available.
    - Enable collecting anonymous usage statistics - You are sending anonymous usage statistics to developers
    Create desktop icon - It's create software shortcut on your desktop
    For the current user only - It's creates desktop shortcut only for currently user account
    For All Users - It's creates desktop shortcut for all user accounts currently available on your pc
    Create Quick Launch icon - It's creates icon next to start menu
    Add shortcut to Explorer's "Send To" Content menu - Add's shortcut in explorer's "Send to" menu
    Register to Handle URL adresses - It allows you to continue from the folder where you left off
    Add Installation directory to search path - %PATH% is a variable that contains the path in which the search command line programs to execute. For example, in the command prompt you can enter only "calc" instead of "C:/Windows/system32/calc" to run the calculator, because is in %PATH%. So if you add the WinCSP in path, you will not have to search for the program if you want to start on through the command line. (Thanks Klipica for the explanation)

    click "Next"

    A window with two options will appear, commander and explorer
    Commander - When you connect to your GamePanel via FTP, it will split you a window into two parts. Left side will
    be your files from your computer, and right side will be files on your GamePanel. As the filezila or Total Commander (picture below)

    Explorer - when you connect, new window will appear (your gamepanel)
    Now, you are transfering files directly from your pc into that window (see image below)

    When you choose option, click "Next" and then "Install" and wait for installation to complete.
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    When you open software, you will see window to write FTP details.

    Below "File Protocol" you have few options:

    SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) - A special protocol bundled with SSH (explained in the first post)
    which work in a similar way over a secure connection. The advantage of this protocol is that your connection is secure
    when you transfer files from your computer to your GamePanel and vice versa.

    SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) - Protocol for safe and secure file transfering from your pc on gamepanel
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - Standard protocol used to transfer files from the PC to the GamePanel, and vice versa. (Unsecured transfer)
    WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) - This is extension for HTTP whick allows you to create, change or move files in your gamepanel.
    I recommend you to choose SFTP
    But, if SFTP or any other protocol doesn't wokr for you, then choose FTP

    Connecting to Gamepanel
    When you choose your protocol, next thing you need to do is to copy FTP informations from your gamepanel.

    IP Adresu unosite u Host Name
    FTP port unosite u Port number
    User unosite u User name
    I sifru unosite u Password

    When you insert informations, click "Save" so next time you open software, your gamepanel informations be there.

    In case you can't connect, don't copy/paste password. Just write it in password box.

    File Transfer
    When you connect to your gamepanel, if you choose Commander
    then one window will open to you, splitted into two pieces with files from your computer on left side
    and files from your gamepanel on right side (see image below)

    If your files you want to copy into your gamepanel are on your desktop, click on dropdown menu and then "Desktop"

    You can transfer your files from your computer into your gamepanel in two ways.

    First way
    Find file in your computer and transfer it directly in folder into your gamepanel (see image below)

    Second way
    On the left side (your computer) find file or folder you want to transfer and from there drag it on right side (your gamepanel)

    If you downloaded some addons from net or you made your owm addons, and want to transfer all at once, be sure that folders and plugins are
    lined up correctly (like in your gamepanel) In this case, you can transfer all the folders at once (see image below)

    Adding new FTP account
    When you opet software, a window will appear to enter FTP informations.
    If you alredy have one FTP account and want to add more, just click on "New Site"
    and then fill boxes on right side

    then click "Save" button and that's it. Your new FTP account will appear below ftp account shown in picture.

    Changing Interface

    When you opet software, click on "View" button from upper dropdown menu, and then on "Preformances..."

    Then, click on "Interface" and choose what you want.

    When you choose, click "Ok" and you're done.
    When you choose new interfae, you must restart software (exit and then open it again) to work.
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