is FAKE!
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    Angry is FAKE!

    First ) Talk English
    Ok, lets start.
    Some peoples says GTRS is not fake but its fake.
    You guys sends FAKE PLAYERS hidding their ip using PROXY.
    I Have some proofs :
    1) These players are 99% do like bots
    2) They don't talk, buy a weapon, nothing, just they join, play and disconnect after boost expires.
    3) You said most of players use REV Emulator, right? if most of players use REV Emulator, 100% they will answer you
    if you talk to them
    4) I Have a Server have much files to download, but i disnable fastDL and i boost the server, Players comes within't 15
    munite and without fastDL, its stays 2 Hours to download or more (im sure that you will say their net is fast)
    I Don't use fake player kicker or BOT Detector, i personnaly test them and if you want, Ask the servers owners
    (Who own famous ZM Servers).
    Im sure that you will delete the thread & ban me. do that after you answers me.
    Seriously, STOP SCAM Peoples and lie on us, i will discover the lies about the news on GTRS (witch iGGi post it).
    1) You said you decompile the plugin, huh? Raheem Who said that the plugin protect your servers, he gives me the sma file
    and its totaly different than yours
    Seriously, stop lieing at US, stop scamming peoples, you will say that you will don't scam peoples and that you don't send
    FAKE PLAYERS, its the TRUTH, You SCAMS & LIE, close the site or stop sending fake players.
    ++ Im AMXX Scripter & PAWN Scripter, no one in this world can DECOMPILE COMPILED PLUGINS


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    Not going to answer the other bullshit, but just one thing:

    Quote Originally Posted by LegendofWarior View Post
    ++ Im AMXX Scripter & PAWN Scripter, no one in this world can DECOMPILE COMPILED PLUGINS[/COLOR][/B]
    You are so wrong about this. If the Pawn VM can understand .amxx files, so can humans. Search what exactly is reverse-engineering. Just as you can decompile any x86 program (like HL itself, look at ReHLDS), you can decompile Pawn plugins, and it's much easier to do so.

    Also, do you even know what are masterservers, how the boost works and where do real players come from? I guess not. Search for "masterserver" on Valve Deveoper Community site.
    If there happen to be fake players coming right after the boost (which I believe happens, I've seen many bots advertising Romanian servers), that's because ANYONE can see what servers are currently boosted by just querying KGB's master server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendofWarior View Post
    ++ Im AMXX Scripter & PAWN Scripter[/COLOR][/B]

    I <3 Turshija
    Quote Originally Posted by relja.kgb View Post
    ako pera psuje ziku, opomeni peru i zakljucaj odmah temu!

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