Hello here i will show you tutorial how to play CS:CO on CS:GO Warzone

First go HERE and download latest release (there are regular updated so u might wanna to check this link later for new updates).

You need to have CS:GO Warzone installed and runable.

when u download latest CS:CO release, open zip file and folder csso extract in CS:GO warzone installation folder.


Now go to rev.ini and change ProcName line

you only need to change 1 letter -game csgo to csgo.exe -game csco, Save rev.ini and run CS:GO launcher and enjoy.

To return to csgo just change -game csco to -game csgo in rev ini and save it.

If u want to host server for cs:co you have in zip file HostMe.txt and game work with CS:GO no steam server crack. So u can run no steam cs:co server

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Warzone CS:CO Game image preview

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