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    I am an ESEA-Advanced CSGO Player. I am Level 10 (2400 elo) on faceit and A+ on ESEA. I have played under multiple teams with all MDL+ (Moutain Dew League) players. I have 3x Top 16 major qualifier finishes.

    I truly enjoy helping new players who have the drive to get better. What I am hoping to do is create a community based on respect and learning. Where players can ask questions and learn. At the same time, I want to allow these players to connect with players with similar mindsets and to queue up in Matchmaking together. Nothing here will *EVER* cost money, and will always be a safe, free space for anyone looking to improve and be friendly with others trying to do the same. **This server will be primarily beneficial for players who are somewhat new (below 2k hours) that are trying to climb the MM ranks or get into competitive play from a lower
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    This should basically be called "TooSmart's Faceit Group" because it's not a coaching community. It's your server - it's not designed to be like a neutral server where anyone can join and help. It's all centered around you. If it was a coaching community it would be designed around accepting many different coaches and channels would be centered around improving, demo reviews, and content creation.

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